AgilityToday Fest & it’s Agility Enabling Space

AgilityToday is not a 2 Days Conference or Training, but India’s BIGGEST Agility enabling Fest that spreads over a canvas of 6 months. Hosted by AgileVirgin in association with Agile Alliance, this Fest helps Lean-Agile Thought Leaders and Learners with different resources and experiences via different Agility enabling spaces. Each Space is dedicated to a different purpose, to help Agilists who are on different stages of their journey. 

Heart of this fest is it’s UNCONFERENCE, where all agilists from different spaces meet, network and exchange learnings. It becomes a global learning and networking Fest, connecting Agilists all across the Globe, helping each other grow, establishing a cultural exchange.

  • 40 sessions with 100+ Global Experts, 1:1 Consulting and Open House with them to network, learn and share thoughts.
  • Sessions focused on ScrumMastership, Product/Project Management, Strategies for Executives on Agile and Digital Transformation, Clean Language, Agile Testing, Scaling for enterprises & startups, Agile Coaching experiences, Program/Portfolio/Big Room Planning, Budgeting, Business and Enterprise Agility
  • Experience Open Space, lean Coffee, Simulation Workshops, Gamification, Visual thinking, Panels Live Chats and Live podcast.
  • 15% discount on all Epic Agility India Training(s).
  • 15% discount on 2021 AgileVirgin Events.
  • 9 Workshops: Scrum, Kanban, Agile Coaching, Scrum Mastership, Product Ownership, Agile KPIs & Metrics, Liberating Structure, Visual Thinking.
  • Agile Engineering Labs: XR (AR/VR), Agile practices like TDD and Automation testing, Terraform for Infrastructure automation.
  • 1-Year Agile Alliance membership (worth USD 100 / INR 7314).
  • 1-Year Business Agility Institute Membership (worth USD 49 / INR 3657)
  • Effectz WebCredits (worth INR 5000) on Personal Branding Website
  • Effectz WebCredits (worth INR 10,000) for Business Website Upgrade & Assessment
  • Zoho Wallet Credits (worth INR 5000).
  • FREE access to DREAM BIG
  • Free access to Agile Career Bootcamp
  • 25% off on Book ” Becoming more Agile whilst delivering Salesforce
  • 10% discount on DASM/DASSM (PMI Disciplined Agile)

Speakers, Panelists, Facilitators and Experts





Advisory Board

Phil Brock

Former Managing Director

Agile Alliance

Jutta Eckstein

Transformation & Leadership Coach, Co-creator

Agile BOSSA nova

Rebecca Parsons



Tathagat Verma

Head, Technology Strategy & BusOps

Walmart Labs India

Shane Hastie

Director of Community Development

IC Agile

Evan Leybourn


Business Agility Institute

Ellen Grove

Interim Managing Director

Agile Alliance

Ray Arell

Chief of Innovation and Business Development

Agile Alliance

Craig Smith

Global Agility Lead


Deepti Jain

Head, Community Development India

Agile Alliance