WHAT: Agile Career Bootcamp offers you all resources in taking your career to next step. Check out all the workshops and experts on this page below.

WHEN: Agile Career Bootcamp is on 6th and 7th Feb 2021, from 3:30 PM IST to 9 PM IST (GMT+5:30), happening via zoom.

COST: This Bootcamp is FREE with AgilityToday Fest Pass. You can also book it independent of Fest at INR 875 / USD 12.

Agile Career Bootcamp Pass AgilityToday Fest pass

This year, with the intention of helping us who are struggling with Job loss and career instability, due to COVID19, we will keep access of Job Fair and Knowledge Bodies consultation OPEN for all. (This doesn’t include 4 workshops/Panels)

Consult Knowledge Bodies + McKinsey & Company Job Booth (FREE)


Career Bootcamp Experts & contributers:

2 Days Program of Agile Career Bootcamp

Details of workshops, panels and booth at Agile Career Bootcamp

  1. Discovery workshop for self-assessment:
    This workshop will help you find out your strengths and areas of improvement; and further with that understanding, it will help you in focusing on what you enjoy most. Combining the 2, it will help you designing the best career path for self.
  2. Knowing what’s new, hot and trending in the Agile world:
    Industry is upgrading itself every quarter and to catching up we need to know all about it. This session will bring us that knowledge, so that we can catch up and be ready for new opportunities and challenges.
  3. Hiring mindset and process in the Agile world:
    Discuss with Leaders to understand the hiring process and mindset. How different roles are looked upon in different sectors (Product, Service, IT & Support, Consulting and Startup), how organizations search for & select candidates in Agile Industry.
  4. Resume and Social presence building:
    To get right job you need your profile to be discoverable. Having right keywords, sharing information in right format, understanding what social media tools add advantage, how your contribution to community help.
  5. Job Booth with McKinsey & Company:
    In this booth representatives of McKinsey & Company will share about the Agile Job opportunities, work culture, and growth path, and also share about how you can apply to these opportunities.
  6. Consultation booths with Knowledge bodies:
    We know there are so many certificates, but we don’t know which certificate is best. Let’s hear from Horse’s mouth. We have invited Certification and Knowledge bodies, and you can directly ask them which of their certificate is best depending on your needs. Bodies joining us are:
    1. Agile Alliance
    2. Scrum.Org
    3. Scrum Alliance
    4. Business Agility Institute
    5. Scaled Agile Framework (via Partner ‘Epic Agility India’)
    6. LeSS Framework
    7. IC Agile
    8. Scruminc
    9. PMI Disciplined Agile