Upcoming Job Booth under Agile Job Fair:

It is absolutely FREE for all. Both Job booths are on separate days, and so to get ZOOM Links for each booth, you need to register for each job booth separately. 
27 Feb 2021, 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM IST
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Job Openings at HCL

Job Opportunities with HCL Technologies are listed below. For details on each opportunity please click above button and download Job Details on each.

To apply, mail to: revathij@hcl.com and ravisankarr@hcl.com, with subject line: “Agile Job Fair: Job application for <Role you are applying for>“. You can apply for one or more from below.

Last date of application: 20 Mar 2021

1. Agile Coach
2. OCM change lead
3. Java Full stack
4. Solution Architect
5. Appian Developer
6. GCP Architect
7. SRE Engineer
8. AWS Architect
9. Cloud Bigdata Solutions Architect
10. Azure Data
11. AEM
12. BigData Lead
13. Data Architect
14. TAL  (Technical Agency Liaison)
15. Azure APIM
16. JBoss Fuse
17. DevOps Architect
18. WCS Sr Developer
19. iOS dev
20. Mobility Architect
21. Android Sr. Developer
22. iOS Sr. Dev
23. Mulesoft Architect
24. Java Lead
25. .NET Lead



A platform to connect the best of the brains in the Agile industry with the Organizations who need them.
Due to COVID, many of us are struggling with job loss or stability. So are our industries. So, to help our community and our companies, this year our Job Fair is absolutely FREE, for Companies as well as Agile Professionals.
Agile Job Fair intends to connect Companies with the Agile Talent – Professionals who understand Agile Ways of Working, and bring those impressions in the roles they play in their organization. These roles can be of Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owner, Product/People/Program Managers, Business Analysts, and Agile Coaches/Consultants/Trainers.
This year, Agile Job Fair is happening alongside following 2 Agility Enabling Spaces of AgilityToday:
  1. Agile Career Bootcamp (6 & 7 Feb 2021)
  2. Unconference (27 & 28 Feb 2021)


If you are looking for enhancing your knowledge, improving network, and take yourself to next level of your journey (personal as well professional) you must join us for AgilityToday Fest which, in a nutshell, offers you:

  1. 40+ sessions by 100+ Global Experts which will focus on:
    1. ScrumMastership
    2. Product Ownership
    3. People/Project/Delivery/Program/Portfolio/Operations Management
    4. Strategies for Agile and Digital Transformation
    5. Clean Language
    6. Human System Dynamics
    7. Agile Testing
    8. Scaling for enterprises & startups
    9. Agile Coaching experiences
    10. Release/Big Room Planning
    11. Beyond Budgeting
    12. Business & Enterprise Agility, and much more…
  2. Conducive environment for growth, via:  
    1. Unwinding so that you can embrace growth mindset
    2. Unlearning so that you can let go of what is obsolete and learn what’s needed
    3. Intentional Networking so that you can meet those people in the industry who can help you achieve wholistic growth
    4. Open Space to not only connect with your tribe, but also help your thoughts become ideas and your ideas get into action.
    5. And other Experiences like Lean Coffee, Simulation Workshops, Case Studies, Experience Report, Gamification, Visual thinking, Panels, Live Podcast, AMAs, Coaching Conclave, Visual & Design thinking, Virtual Jams, Open House, etc.
    6. Consulting Corner for 1:1 expert consultation with the experts in the Industry
Check complete unconference program here
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