AgilityToday is not just a 2 Days Conference or Training, but India’s BIGGEST Agility enabling Fest that spreads over a canvas of 6 months.

Hosted by AgileVirgin in association with Agile Alliance, this Fest helps Lean-Agile Thought Leaders and Learners with different resources and experiences via different Agility enabling spaces, each dedicated to a different purpose, to help Agilists who are on different stages of their journey.

This year’s focus is on “Rapid Adaptation to changes brought by COVID19 – A conversation about developing strategies“.

Have a look at all the Agility Enabling Spaces of AgilityToday:

  1. SPACE# 01: Mentorship Program (Oct 20′ – Feb 21′):
    FREE online 4 weeks program engaging 1000+ Mentors & Mentees globally on Agile, Lean, DevOps, & Personal Development.
  2. SPACE# 02: Contests & Quizzes (Nov 20′ – Jan 21′):
    We catalyze learning & networking, engaging 1000+ Agilists globally with our Quizzes & Contests.
  3. SPACE# 03: AGILE CAREER BOOTCAMP (6 & 7 Feb 2021):
    This space aligns strengths of Agilists with their interest, unveils latest industry trends, provides conversation with experts & hiring leaders over 2 days, & hosts 200+ Agilists locally.
  4. SPACE# 04 & 08: Agile Job Fair (6, 7, 27 & 28 Feb 21′):
    A platform to connect the best of the brains in the Agile industry with the Organizations who need them. This year the job fair is spread alongside 2 spaces – Agile Career Bootcamp and Unconference.
  5. SPACE# 06 & 10: FREE Essential Agile Practices workshops:
    There are 9 workshops on Agile Practices and frameworks:
    1. Mindful Product Ownership in a virtual world
    2. A day in ScrumMaster’s life in the remote setup
    3. Introduction to Kanban System Design
    4. How write & slice User Stories
    5. Scrum Framework Fundamentals
    6. OKR and metrics pattern for Agile delivery
    7. Visuals for Agile
    8. Getting liberated with Liberating Structures
    It is the HEART of the fest where all agilists from other spaces of fest come and meet to experience unlearning and and unwinding, so that they can unleash their true potential.
  7. SPACE# 05 & 11: Agile Engineering Lab (FREE):
    In association with ThoughtWorks, every year we bring some hands-on Agile Engineering workshops. This year we have:
    1. Agility in Enterprise XR Agile coaching Tools
    2. Infrastructure as Code
  8. SPACE# 12: DREAM BIG:
    Focused on women development, this space provides women inspiration and support. Looking at the need of this year, our theme is Psychological safety