DREAM BIG is a program by Women in Agile and Tech under AgilityToday umbrella that focuses on fun, networking, learning, and development for Women.

This year’s theme is “Psychological Safety” and we are exploring some of the points like below.

Event is scheduled to happen on 14 Mar 2021. And it is absolutely FREE for all.

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  • What is it to feel safe at workplace? Autonomy? Expression? Belonging? How to raise a concern at work place without fear.
  • What is it to feel safe as Wife, Mother, Daughter, Daughter-in-law, Sister-in-law and all other roles that comes for a woman?
  • What work-life balance truly mean? What mindset it takes to keep things in perspective and get blinded by picture-perfect stories.
  • How to improve self-image with self-coaching to gain self-reliance.