An unconference, also called an Open Space conference, is a “participant-driven meeting”.

With AgilityToday, the ultimate UnConference, we are trying to do the same. We want this UnConference to empower people, help them get that stage, and more be in a no-sage-on-stage kind of setup. We have a Participant driven Vision, Participant driven Program and even Participant driven engagement and enrolment.

Happening on 27 & 28 Feb 2021 virtually, this unconf runs from 4 GMT to 16 GMT to cover majority of time zones.

Every year the event adapts based on previous year’s feedback and this year’s need. Every year AgilityToday creates many spaces such that more and more Agilists get stage for their voice and ideas. Every year the day flow is designed that it surprises our Participants. There is always so much new and so much to explore.

Our Unconf Program is divided in 4 parts:

  1. Invited sessions from those speakers who are Experts & Industry Leaders
  2. Selected Sessions from seasoned Speakers & Experts who have applied to call for proposal (This year we could not open call for proposal as planning and decision making got delayed, COVID impacted us too)
  3. Shepherded Session from New / First Time Speakers. This is absolutely first come first serve basis, and is only for Participants of Fest.
  4. Open Space, need not to say much, is a space where anyone can come forward, then and there at the Unconf, and share their thoughts.

Each of these parts further offer a variety of experiences like Experience Reports, Experiential Workshops, Open House (a combination of Open Space and Lean Coffee), Open Mic, 1:1 Consultation, Live Post Cast, Mindful & Musical Unwinding, Life-size Live Canvas, etc. Intention is to help participants unwind and unlearn so that they can just BE in this moment and soak up the learning that’s correct and relevant.

Our Participants Persona includes ScrumMasters, Product Owners, Product/Project/Program/Portfolio/People Managers, Business Analysts, Agile Coaches, Agile Consultants, Transformation Leaders, Coaches, VPs, SVPs, Sr. Executives and CXOs.

There have always been gifts for the Unconf participants. This year we have following for them:

  1. 40 sessions with 100+ Global Experts, 1:1 Consulting and Open House with them to network, learn and share thoughts.
  2. Sessions focused on ScrumMastership, Product Management, Project Management, Strategies for Executives on Agile and Digital Transformation, Clean Language, Agile Testing, Scaling for enterprises & startups, Agile Coaching experiences, Program/Portfolio/Big Room Planning, Budgeting, Business and Enterprise Agility, 
  3. Experience Open Space, lean Coffee, Simulation Workshops, Gamification, Visual thinking, Panels Live Chats and Live podcast.
  4. 9 Workshops: Scrum, Kanban, Agile Coaching, Scrum Mastership, Product Ownership, Agile KPIs & Metrics, Liberating Structure, Visual Thinking.
  5. Agile Engineering Labs: XR (AR/VR), Agile practices like TDD and Automation testing, Terraform for Infrastructure automation
  6. 1-Year Agile Alliance membership (worth USD 100 / INR 7314).
  7. 1-Year Business Agility Institute Membership (worth USD 49 / INR 3657)
  8. Effectz WebCredits (worth INR 5000) on Personal Branding Website
  9. Effectz WebCredits (worth INR 10,000) for Business Website Upgrade & Assessment
  10. Zoho Wallet Credits (worth INR 5000).
  11. 15% discount on all Epic Agility India Training(s).
  12. 15% discount on 2021 AgileVirgin Events.
  13. FREE access to DREAM BIG
  14. Free access to Agile Career Bootcamp